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Animation allows you to convey a story or message in a uniquely visual way. Our extraordinary team of designers and animators will bring your message to life in visually engaging ways through animation and visual effects.

Solid Waste Management Lotería Animation

Lone Star Emmy Nominated 3D Animation.

The Challenge
The City of San Antonio’s Solid Waste Department developed a marketing campaign to raise awareness about recycling using the popular game, Lotería, as imagery.
The Process


Our team developed the concept of having the Lotería characters come to life to teach viewers about recycling. We also wrote a script and created a storyboard outlining the narrative.


Inspired by the traditional Lotería characters, our team modeled and animated our own 3D versions of the characters.


Using professional voice talent actors, we recorded the characters’ voiceover in both English and Spanish to appeal to multiple audiences.

Our Results

Lotería characters come to life in this Lone Star Emmy Nominated Commercial.
The Lotería animated TV spot was nominated for a Lone Star Emmy Award and the Solid Waste Department hired our team to create a second animated TV spot as a continuation of the series.

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