Why Drone?

Drone videography is a way to capture stunning images from the air that adds a unique perspective and cinematic quality to a video.  Our team of FAA licensed pilots not only has the credentials to fly, but also the experience and creativity to take a production to new heights.

SAHA’s 100 Labor Project

Video To Showcase Unbuilt Housing Project

The Challenge

The San Antonio Housing Authority was building a brand new housing development in the heart of downtown.  SAHA wanted to promote the development and show its location in relation to downtown landmarks and existing buildings.  The problem was that the construction crew hadn’t even broken ground on the 100 Labor project and it would be months before there was anything to show the public.

The Process


Our team shot drone videography of the empty lot from the air. This perspective allows the viewer to see the downtown skyline and major highways in a way that simply couldn’t be accomplished from the ground.


Our animation team created a 3D model of the 100 Labor development based on architectural renderings and “virtually” placed the development into the drone video.


Using green screen compositing we also “virtually” placed SAHA representatives into the site.

Our Results

The drone videography mixed with 3D composited images created a very realistic-feeling look at what the 100 Labor development will look like when it is completed. This video will be used as a tool for SAHA to promote this housing project.

“I want to express our gratitude for the incredible 100 Labor video. Everyone was just amazed at the quality and work that went into it. We deeply appreciate all the work you all put into it. Well done and thank you!”


SAHA Director of Communications and Public Affairs

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