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Animation allows you to convey a story or message in a uniquely visual way. Our extraordinary team of designers and animators will bring your message to life in visually engaging ways through animation and visual effects.

Our Work


Our team begins with your concept. If you don't have one, no problem. We work with you to plan, script, and storyboard an idea that will be effective in helping achieve your goals. We handle all aspects of pre-production - from script writing to scheduling and talent casting for projects of any size. Our focus is on laying out the best plan to make your vision a reality.


At The IMG Studio, we use cutting edge digital technology to maximize the production value for your video. With our in-house animation team, we are able to further enhance your video with computer generated imagery that can be overlaid or integrated into your project. Whatever your production requires, we can deliver.


After production is wrapped, our team will edit your animation to capture the emotion that you want your project to convey. We handle all aspects of post-production including: licensing music, creating motion graphics, hiring voice actors, and color grading.

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