Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

After reading this article, I realized that the battle between traditional and digital marketing is still far from over.


Traditional marketing is what everyone thinks it is- commercials, print, mail, outdoor, and everyone’s favorite, telemarketing. With over half of consumers shopping at their fingertips, one may argue that traditional marketing is dying. But, why are big brands still spending so much money on something that “doesn’t work” in the eyes of a lot of marketers? Between only being able to semi-target audiences, the large budgets, and the lack of proof for buying habits, yet big brands continue to throw money towards traditional marketing. Think of all the super bowl commercials or billboards you see.


Digital marketing allows marketers to see the consumers buying path, customize the ad for the consumer, target the desired audience all while getting data.


In a digital age, when would you need to use traditional advertising? It really depends on your target market as well as the industry. While most signs point to digital marketing being the new go-to, traditional marketing is here to stay.