Our Time at Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA)
This past weekend, a few of us at The IMG Studio took the opportunity to attend Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA). Only in its second year, the conference has garnered the attention of many pioneers within the virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality communities, including Intel, HTC, Microsoft and more.



At the conference, we witnessed the continuing evolution of the industry and gained a better sense of its direction for ourselves. Having focused on a combination of virtual reality, 360 video and, more recently, augmented reality, we benefited greatly from being able to test out the latest innovations and projects from all parts of the world.

In addition to the exhibits on the show floor, panels and talks were held by industry professionals throughout the weekend. One standout talk we attended was done by a group of individuals from the Third Floor and Pinewood Studios. They discussed how they were utilizing virtual reality to assist in the pre-visualization, which is the process of planning complex scenes in movies and television, in major projects such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Game of Thrones. They use motion capture rigs to then pull into Unreal Engine 4 and, in conjunction with 3D assets, create the scene before it’s ever shot in real-life.


And, that idea of using virtual reality to assist in other industries was a consistent theme throughout the conference. I talked to people from health care, education, film, games, all who see the potential that this burgeoning technology has on their respective industries. And, like those people from all of those different industries, so too does The IMG Studio plan on continuing to explore what’s out there. So that we can continue to be ready for what the future that VR and AR can bring.