Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Wheelchair Basketball

We created a fully equipped Virtual Reality Wheelchair Basketball game for the San Antonio Spurs’ Non-Profit, Silver and Black Give Back. The game features several modes for players to choose from. Version two of our VR game features upgraded graphics, the ability to play against computerized players, and customized players/controls.

Mobile Games

Dr. Grammar’s Labratory

Learning just took a new turn! We’ve been creating iOS and Andriod versions of a custom-built video game that will teach students grammar. The game is available in both English and Spanish versions. Students are tasked to power up the scientist’s lab by completing a series of grammatical puzzles. However, the puzzles aren’t only limited to grammar, students also need to problem-solve to find their way through the lab.

Web Browser Games

Darrel the Barrel

We teamed up with Don’t mess with Texas on an anti-litter campaign. Help keep Texas clean by catching as much litter as you can, to keep it off the street. To play, drag Darrel the barrel across the screen to catch the litter before it goes on the ground. The more litter you catch, the more points you get! Click here to play the game yourself. If you score high enough, you may even land on the leaderboard!