Make Ordinary Extraordinary
Whether we’re producing a national TV commercial for Ricos nacho cheese, collaborating with Valero on its United Way campaign, or capturing an event at Texas A&M University-San Antonio it’s important that we always think creatively. As digital content creators, we believe it’s important to challenge ourselves to experiment with different visual storytelling techniques.  Sometimes it can feel like we’ve tried every camera angle imaginable.  Every project is different, and every narrative can be told with a different look.  It’s important not to be afraid to try new things.  Do they always work? Absolutely not.  But the ability to experiment and be fearless certainly strengthens ones cinematic arsenal.


With advancing technology, we are able to tell stories visually in completely revolutionary ways.  Using 360-degree video, we are able to immerse viewers in places and situations where they would never normally be.  For example, we went behind the heavily secured, secret data centers of Rackspace to capture 360 video of the hosting company’s huge server rooms.  We created a mobile app where viewers anywhere in the world could virtually tour the data centers and see where Rackspace is hosting customers’ data.  Due to all the highly sensitive material on the servers, it would be a security nightmare to allow people to tour these data centers.  But not with immersive 360 video.


Another example of immersive 360 video The IMG Studio created is a project we did with University of Texas Health San Antonio’s police department.  Through 360 video, we put viewers into a virtual active shooter situation.  This is a tragic, and all too frequent occurrence these days, that UTHSA wanted to show people how to escape from.  The viewer is put in the position of being in a group of people trying to avoid an active shooter.  Some takeaways are that (should you ever be faced with this type of situation) if you can’t escape the building, barricaded yourself in a room and turn out the lights.  UTHSA’s police officers say that shooters tend to take the path of least resistance and if a door is locked, the shooter typically moves on to the next room.


When it comes to visual storytelling, we think that there is no excuse for boring video.  Peter McKinnon has a really interesting video where he issues a “B-roll Challenge”.  This is a great example how any cinematographer can make ordinary extraordinary. Watch the video below!