Marketing in an evoling industry
Evolving Industry

Keeping up in an industry that’s constantly evolving can be, let’s face it, exhausting. This year alone, Facebook, Google, and YouTube updated their platforms. Arguably, these changes are for the better, but nonetheless, that’s three new platforms to learn, and in order to keep up you have to learn them quickly.


The learning curve for marketing is quick, and it seems once you’ve almost mastered one platform, they update it. A lot of these changes can be the difference of your company being a top of mind or forgotten. Take Facebook, this year Facebook updated its algorithm. Their new algorithm almost penalizes business, Facebook marks business postings as “spam.” A way to avoid this? Video! Video content is always prioritized on Facebook, regardless if it’s from a personal account or a business account. By incorporating more video into your content routine, you can make sure your business still gets noticed.


As for Google, they recently updated their entire AdWords process. Now known as Google Ads, the process is more streamlined. With the new Google Ad experience, you are able to advertise across all platforms more easily. Google Ads also gives you helpful hints that can make your ad better, like increasing budget or running a few versions of each ad. Of course, it takes some time to get adjusted, but the new Google Ad experience is worth it.


Lastly, YouTube also updated their interface and rolled out YouTube Studio, which replaced the original creator studio. This allows users to see their top performing videos, view analytics, video comments, and so much more all in one place. Additionally, YouTube is generous enough to allow you to go back to the original creator studio if you still need time to adjust to YouTube Studio. However, at the start of the new year, YouTube will force users into YouTube Studio.


With all the platform changes, it’s important as marketers to learn the updates as quickly as possible.


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