A custom web-based app that showcased Teacher's Stories.

Teachers Can Custom Solutions
Progressive Web App

Due to the project requiring access to certain device functionality, notably microphone and video capabilities, we opted to develop a progressive web app for flexibility.

Database Integration

Our client wanted teachers to be able to record and upload video testimonials that could later then be compiled into a mosaic. A database was needed to store and retrieve all of the teachers’ uploads.

3rd Party Integration

The client already had a website developed and was using certain 3rd party integrations. So, we developed the video recording feature to be able to be integrated with their existing APIs.

Data Analytics

Analytics give you insights into how users are using your app, which parts of the app they interact with, and what actions they take within the app. Using these insights allow us to create an action plan to further improve our product, like adding new features that users seem to need, or improving existing ones in a way that would make the users lives easier, or removing features that the users don’t seem to use.

Our Challenge

In preparation of World Teacher’s Day, we were challenged with creating a web-based video recording app that would be used by teachers to record a personal story about prompted questions. The videos that are recorded are then saved in a database along with information filled out by the teacher after recording, for analytic purposes.

Our Results

We were able to deliver a web application to our client with the following features :

  • Video recording capabilities on web and mobile devices
  • Custom database to save recorded videos and information
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile optimization
  • Brand-forward design
  • SEO integration
  • Data analytics
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