The Petco Foundation's "Paw It Forward" campaign featured a custom-built mosaic that featured pets and animal lovers honored by people who donated on the site.

Petco Foundation Custom Solutions

Being a well-established company, the Petco Foundation provided us with all of their fonts, graphics and colors that allowed us to create a design that fit their campaign while staying true to their existing brand standards.

Database Integration

The project required us to build an extensive database that tracked not only the donor’s information but all of the pet information for each donor. Since a login system, a commenting system, and a payment system were necessary, we needed to design the structure carefully.

Payment Services

One of the key components of the project was handling payments. Users could only create a page if they donated to the Petco Foundation. And on top of that, other users could donate to other donors’ campaigns, which meant that payment handling was integrated everywhere throughout.

Data Analytics

Using our carefully planned database, we were able to utilize all the user, pet and donation data to track specific trends within the campaign. The client could then assess the overall success of the campaign based on donation trends.

Our Challenge
Our client wanted to run a marketing campaign that featured a customized mosaic that was comprised of photos of pets of people who donated to the foundation. The project was quite complex due to them requesting a login system and ability to create multiple pages for different memorialized people or pets.
The end product built for their marketing campaign included :

  • Custom built database
  • Custom-built mosaic
  • Login / account system
  • Service for handling long / short term payments
  • Ability to share custom pages on social media platforms
  • User privacy settings
  • Ability to flag spam or offensive material
  • Automatic email updates
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