Hand crafted in Texas by Stetson, custom shaped and fitted by Paris Hatters in the old western tradition, worn and enjoyed around the world.

Paris Hatters Custom Solutions


We designed the website centered around the tradition of Paris Hatters brand. The client wanted custom cards to show off their varying products, colors, and styles. Even though websites have a wide variety of uses, what unifies them is the need for optimal usability, accessibility, engagement, and overall user experience.

Data Analytics

Analytics give you insights into how users are using your website, which parts of the website they interact with, and what actions they take within the website. Using these insights allow us to create an action plan to further improve our product, like adding new features that users seem to need, or improving existing ones in a way that would make the user’s lives easier, or removing features that the users don’t seem to use.

Our Challenge
The client wanted us to help redesign their website, optimize their website for mobile, and showcase their products. They desired an updated look that did not sacrifice the feeling of their original site.
Our Results

Ultimately, our solution allowed their website to include the following features :

  • Fully customizable content management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile optimization
  • Brand-forward design
  • SEO integration
  • Data analytics
  • Custom blog
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