An award-winning website that we designed to promote NavNow, a native application for iOS and Android that was built to ease the convention experience.

NavNow Website Custom Solutions

We designed this site as a means to promote a native app. To best sell the product, we needed to highlight its clean user interface, the features that it offers, and emphasize a call to action to download the app itself.

Asset Creation

For the NavNow website, every piece of content – textual, graphical, characters, and the environment, was made exclusively for the app. Asset creation is a key component to tying in your design.

Our Challenge
In order to promote their recently built app, NavNow, the client needed a website that matched the cutting-edge tech of their application. The website needed to be designed with showcasing the app first and foremost, pushing the brand of NavNow.
Our Results

In order to achieve the client’s goal of promoting their new application, we created an award-winning site with the following features :

  • Fully customizable content management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile optimization
  • Brand-forward design
  • SEO integration
  • Data analytics
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