Dr. Grammar / Dr. Grammatica

Dr. Grammar needs your help to solve a series of grammar puzzles in order to navigate through and power up his lab!

Dr. Grammar Custom Solutions

Level Design

We designed the app centered around education, with 15 unique levels. Even though mobile apps have a wide variety of uses, what unifies them is the need for optimal usability, accessibility, engagement, and overall user experience.

Asset Creation

Every piece of content – textual, graphical, characters, and the environment, was made exclusively for the app. Asset creation is a key component to tying in your design and immersing your player.

Game Design

While testing the player’s knowledge was very important to the client, so was enjoyment of the experience. We worked closely with them to design and develop the gameplay and mechanics so that we were able to fulfill both needs.

Bilingual Translation

Our client found it very important to appeal to students who were more proficient in English and Spanish, so the game is fully playable and voice acted in both languages.

Our Challenge
We were challenged with building an educational video game for Android and IOS. The game would act as supplemental learning in teaching English grammar to 6th through 8th grade migrant students.

We set out to make an engaging open world for our players to explore that used different spatial and physics puzzles and used English grammar puzzles to trigger certain actions, with a narrative involving a mad scientist and you, his robot creation.
By the end of the project timeline, we had crafted a mobile game built for iOS and Android able to run at native resolution 60 fps. Some of the game’s features include:

  • Use your knowledge of English grammar to solve puzzles and power up the lab
  • Platform through physical puzzles using the scientist’s crazy inventions such as a gravity machine
  • Explore and complete 15 levels as you uncover secrets about the lab
  • Look for golden bolts around the expansive lab to play as a Golden Robot
  • Fully voiced and playable in both English and Spanish
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