Darrel The Barrel

Help keep Texas clean by catching as much litter as you can, to keep it off the street.

Darrel the Barrel Custom Solutions

Game Design

For Darrel the Barrel, the client came to us with a fairly specific game idea in mind. Our goal was to make it accessible, quick and challenging enough to warrant replayability.

Database Integration

The client wanted a leaderboard system to incentivize people to go for a high score. By including a database in the project, we were also able to track data such as number of plays.

Our Challenge
Create a fun, web-based game that will promote the importance of not littering and promoting keeping Texas streets clean. They wanted us to develop a game that was highly accessible and easy to play for all ages.
Using Phaser.js, we were able to develop a small, web game that could be embedded into their web campaign. Several features of the final product were :

  • Guide Darrel the Barrel through 3 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Catch as much of the falling litter as possible
  • Try and get a highscore to make the top 10 leaderboard
  • Learn facts about littering as you play through the game
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