Augmented Reality (AR) app to educate Texas drivers on car safety, featured in two different campaigns; "If You Love It, Click It" and "Save Me With A Seat".

TxDOT AR Custom Solutions
Accessibility Design

We designed the app differently based on the campaign they were tied to, while still keeping some consistency. Even though mobile apps have a wide variety of uses, what unifies them is the need for optimal usability, accessibility, engagement, and overall user experience.

Native App AR

Using Unity and Vuforia, we developed and published a native app for both iOS and Android to achieve optimum performance.

Image Recognition

Our client wanted to be able to use different imagery to trigger a video positioned in world space. So, we used natural-feature tracking to distinguish between different campaign logos.

Image Tracking

We used their logos as a mobile origin point that we could use as reference to position our virtual elements. For example, they had a logo on a truck, which allowed us to scale and position the video to make it appear that the actor was standing and speaking in front of it.

Our Challenge
We were challenged to make a native augmented reality for both iOS and Android that would be used over several marketing campaigns for the Texas Department of Transportation. The client wanted the ability for the user to scan different logos that would be used for image recognition and image tracking that would play a video of a person talking about the importance of car safety.
Our Results
We accomplished this by providing a native app with custom image recognition for different logos, image tracking of streamed video of a person talking about car safety, and the ability to watch the video with or without subtitles. We made it customizable for multiple marketing campaigns.
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