A new way to navigate the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center!

NavNow Custom Solutions

We designed the app centered around the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Even though mobile apps have a wide variety of uses, what unifies them is the need for optimal usability, accessibility, engagement, and overall user experience.

Push Notifications

You’ll never miss a message from key speakers or convention organizers! Push notifications are an automated notification sent by NavNow to a user when they receive an alert while the application is not open.

Map Integration

Using indoor mapping technology, NavNow features a digital 2D map of the Convention Center. Showing restrooms, ATMs, room numbers of every floor of the Convention Center on a digital map which allows users to find their indoor positioning and navigate to areas within the Convention Center.

Data Analytics

Analytics give you insights into how users are using your app, which parts of the app they interact with, and what actions they take within the app. Using these insights allow us to create an action plan to further improve our product, like adding new features that users seem to need, or improving existing ones in a way that would make the users lives easier, or removing features that the users don’t seem to use.

Our Challenge
Finding your way through a 514,000 sq. ft. convention center comes with its own set of challenges. We were tasked with taking the hassle out of visiting the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center by creating an app that would allow all users to smoothly navigate their way through a large and bustling space. We were additionally tasked with easing the experience of conventions by providing users with custom schedules, internal convention messaging, a convention wide notification system, and privacy settings for each unique convention. Our additional Augmented Reality features will surely engage users in a unique and fun experience while they are at the Convention Center.
Our Results

In addition to the indoor maps and augmented reality features, we also built our app to include the following features:

  • Built for iOS and Android
  • Branded App
  • Design and Coding
  • Augmented Reality
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • User Profile
  • Facebook Integration
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