IMG Halloween App 2020

In our Halloween update, you can create your custom jack-o-lantern and see your design in augmented reality

Halloween AR Custom Solutions

We designed the app centered around Halloween. Our goal was to find the most intuitive way to create both your design and place your jack-o-lantern in the world.

Asset Creation

Every piece of content – textual, graphical, characters, and the environment, was made exclusively for the app. Asset creation is a key component to tying in your design.

Our Challenge

We were challenged to make a native augmented reality for both iOS and Android that would be used for Halloween. We wanted the ability for the user to customize their own jack-o-lantern that they could then place wherever they’d like in real space.


Our Results

We accomplished this by creating a native app with custom image recognition. We made it customizable for multiple holidays/marketing campaigns to be used again in the future.


We wanted to release a fun and free app that allowed people to design a custom-made jack-o-lantern and place it in an augmented reality environment. They could then take a photo of their designs and share the photo with their friends.


We had a short time window to accomplish the project but were able to include the following features in our release :

  • Touch based render drawing on a 3D model
  • The ability to place your custom object in your real surroundings using ARCore and ARKit
  • The ability to take a photo in app of your jack-o-lantern and share it to your friends
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